Helping faculty develop sustainable writing routines

Stephanie is a writing coach/consultant and podcast host specializing in support of faculty writers. Her objective is to help her clients gain deeper understanding of their unique relationship with writing and develop specific practices that stand up to the clatter and pull of departmental life.

Stephanie helps clients with...

Developing more productive writing habits
Meeting writing deadlines
Breaking out of writer’s block
Transitioning from research to writing
Improving structure and organization in writing projects
Maintaining a sustainable work/life balance
Stephanie has worked at:

Stephanie Dunson, Phd

Stephanie is former director of the Office of Writing Programs at Williams College, a resource she founded to be uniquely committed to encouraging faculty productivity. As both a scholar whose work has garnered awards from the National Academies and the Mellon Foundation and a long-standing member of the Bard Institute for Writing and Thinking, Stephanie combines her direct experience of the challenges facing faculty with a nuanced understanding of practical writing process.